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January 2, 2012 1:30 am

July-December 2011

What was it for me! July-December.. 2011 has been really good :) THANK GOD ! Now I’m going to share what happened between July-December of 2011 although my mind is kind of not working right now because I think I’m going to catch some flue! boohoo.. already posted something about the first 6 months of 2011 :

anyway so here’s what happened..

JULY! Went to this famous adventure park in the city.. Dahilayan Adventure Park and it was my first time to ride the buggy and FYI I don’t even know how to
drive a car so really this is like my first real driving whatever it was 40-45 mins
driving ! It was crazy but I had fun! Climbing over the rocky mountains was awesome although my sister’s kind of scared but IDK , I was brave and wild
enough to do it, for the first time. .  

AUGUST! It was the CITY FIESTA but the most important part of August was the
1st year death anniversary of my Grandmother (Paternal side). She passed away
last August.07.2010 at the age of 82 .  

SEPTEMBER! My first time to attend the Intramurals of the Graduate School. Yes, I am currently having my post grad studies now. The intramurals was so fun! 
We had games and the food was really great ! After that day, I had my 1st
session of gum surgery :( in preparation for braces..  

and also one of my girlfriends got married ! weeeh! so happy for her ! :) She finally
met the man of her life ! I wish them both a happy marriage life ! :) and of
course they’re expecting a baby girl soon!! 


Got reunited with my High School friends. Although we were not complete in this
photo ! :) BUt anyway, since our busy schedules wouldn’t allow us to meet and
we missed birthday parties just because of it so we decided to meet up
and celebrate it. I miss them and I love them so much :) 

NOVEMBER! My family love adventures so we tried this “Lasang Zipline” a 45 minutes ? I guess drive from our city! It was a bit scary but it wasn’t that
long compared to the Dahilayan Adventure Park’s zipline.. But I had fun!
Plus it was my first time to be in a hanging bridge like 50ft? You should
try it :)  

Also, let’s not forget HALLOWEEN !! We gave candies and pumpkins to the little
children! The candies were spooky too, eyeball candies and so on and so forth. 
(I am obviously too lazy right now)

And also, November is the time for our departed love ones. 

DECEMBER! A lot of crazy stuffs happened in this month !! Like totally crazy !!
Just like when SENDONG hits the city and a lot of families were affected by the
flash flood and some were unlucky enough , they lost their lives.  Thousands of families were affected including some friends, relatives and acquaintances. A thousand or so died and hundreds are still missing. It happened A WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS ! So Christmas wasn’t that merry at all. But I still THANK GOD that the people I know are saved. None of them got hurt or died but some of them lost their
houses and things. But I know we can all survive this. I am happy that a lot of people even none Filipinos helped the victims and that people helped in their
own little way.. I , isn’t exempted.  

and also let’s not forget the annual XU DAYS that happens every 1st 
five days of Decemeber. It’s the foundation day of the University.. The University
where I graduated college and where I am having my Post Grad Studies have this
amazing festival every year. It’s their way to celebrate the foundation day.
Booths, concerts, basketball games, and let’s not forget the most awaited
fireworks !  Party starts at 6PM ! haha :) 

and the flying of sky lanterns was so cool ! 

It was also the wedding of my Uncle (mom side).  

and also the surprised birthday party of my grandmother that was planned few months back ! I think way back June?…  And she was really happy and surprised ! I love you, gran :)  

despite the unexpected tragedy in the city we spent Christmas in a simple way.
It’s like also a thanksgiving that none of us got hurt or even affected by the
flood.. MERRY CHRISTMAS :)  


Is that a firework? haha jk.. :P Also, my favorite part of the year !
New Year’s Eve ! Spent it with family again and there are people who
had fireworks despite the photo on Facebook that says, give up fireworks for
sendong victims.  

and so it’s another year ! HAPPY 2012 ! (it ain’t the end of the world)

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