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October 24, 2011 1:10 am

Half of the year 2011 (January-June)

I’d only be posting highlights for each month. =D There are lot of things happened to me , sad  or good. Whatever it is, I thank GOD for giving me more blessings and making my dreams came true. Yeah, it was all in me, with my effort and bravery but without him all my plans and dreams will not come true without his great help. I also want to thank my family and some of my friends who are always there for me whenever I need them. I also met a lot of people this year and unexpectedly became a big part of me. So here it goes..


Welcomed New Year with a boom and a bang! It was a great time to spend it with family and have fun until morning!

I had my internship in one of the SPED Centers here in the city. It was also my first time to attend ANGEL’S WALK FOR AUTISM during the National Autism Consciousness Week in January. I guess it was January.18 when 
we had that Angel’s walk. It was such a nice experience and great pleasure
to be part and to witness such event. Some children showed off their talents and
there are lots of ”pakulo” during the show. =]


Highlight for this month? For some it would be Valentines Day but for me it would 
be my BIRTHDAY!  I turned 21 last February.15 and I had a blast despite of
the pressures with school and the stressful life I had because of internship. 

It was also my first time to celebrate it with two people who has the same 
birthday with me. One was a teacher in the school I had my internship and 
the other one was my classmate/internship-mate. We had a blast and
we thank those people who made our birthdays memorable.


After all those sleepless nights, after all those tears I cried, after all those
hardships, efforts, challenges.. I finally graduated! It was one of my
happiest day in my life and one of the events that I will never ever
forget. This is so far the best achievement I ever have in my life. 

My younger sister also graduated High School with 5 awards on the same day. I graduated in the morning, she graduated in the afternoon. I guess this was also
the happiest day of my parents. I can see their smiles on their faces, I can see
how happy they were seeing their two daughters on the stage receiving
their diplomas. 


We had a family outing with my Dad’s side. It was our first time to visit
such very great place. See their website: . We had a lot of fun
especially when we tried those zip-lines, 150M, 250M(Iguess) and the 840M!
The money spent for this outing was worth it but they were not that
really pricey! You go see for yourself, its just an 1hour & 40mins (iguess) drive
from the city. 

I also volunteered during  the summer program of the school I had my
internship. We had a lot of amazing activities for the kids and I guess
for everybody also such as this! the wall climbing. I was the organizer
for this activity along with my partner. It was planned already and all 
I have to do is to contact the place and to make sure everything is
going smoothly. It was my first time to do wall climbing and I thought
it was that easy but it wasn’t!  


I spent most of my summer in that school but I did have a great time.
We had lots of activities such as pizza making, tree planting, swimming and
many more.
The best summer I ever had ! 



I thought I was going to continue my stay there in that school but unfortunately
my parents told me to stop and go back to school for Masters well then I was
okay with it, it’s also for my own good. Anyway, June was also the best! We went
to Dapitan City with my Mom’s side and it was 7-hour drive from the city I stayed.
It was a great city (for me) I wanted to work there and stay there. =)
Yeah, they have no airport so we really have to go there by land.

So we went to the old place/house where the National Hero of my country stayed and I saw some of his clothes that gave me goosebumps and went inside his house
and saw his very gorgeous bed! This is my favorite painting so far.

Then we went into this Fantasy Land and stayed there from 7PM to 1AM!
It’s ain’t Disneyland but it was really fun!  

Me and my cousin and the roller coaster!! 

One of the rides.. You have to like shoot those animals with water.

During our last day in Dapitan we went into this beach resort. I love the
sea it was surrounded with mountains. You have to get through the
mountains to reach there.  

I had a great time during my first half of the year! I learned a lot of things,
I tried new stuffs, I went to new places, I met some new friends and many more.
I hope my 2012 will be great as much as my 2011 or yet better.

..will post July-December before New Year and after Christmas. =) 

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